E.F Network launches e-commerce directory

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Gideon Egbuchulam, in a statement released at the weekend, stated that the target of the e-commerce directory are artisans, low-income earners, and players within the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector.

According to the Imo State-born industrialist, the company, in the last six months, has rolled out some innovative products aimed at providing solutions to a plethora of societal challenges and ultimately solving the unemployment nightmare.

He said: “First was efphonetaxi, licensed by the NCC to deploy internet nationwide and now this e-commerce directory (efcontact.com), which gives every registered business a mini-website to showcase all their products and services.

“With efcontact.com, there is no need for MSMEs to waste money buying domain names in dollars, paying for a webmaster to construct their website and electronically advertise their products and services. It’s actually targeted at low-income earners.

“All the products and services of any registered business can be displayed on efcontact platform. A tiny company can look like a giant company using that efcontact. The platform is a new digital economy, whereby any business can post a summary of all of its products and services, address, phone, email, or even prices.

“We do not touch or collect any cash payments from sales and services or shipping or delivering any products. We also do not take any percentage of users’ profit.

“Our business is drawing traffic to businesses and connecting people for a business handshake. Whatever happens between a seller and buyer, service providers and clients, or logistics, we are not involved. We only care for registered users to reach each other to do business and draw traffic to businesses; because the success of any business is a game of numbers. One cannot compare a business receiving 100 customers daily to one receiving five”, Egbuchulam explained.

He noted that the new e-commerce directory has come to change the way Nigerians will shop and find service providers, professional services, artisans, products, sellers, and government contacts.

Further explaining how the platform works, the statement quoted the Technical Director of the company, Mr. Eben Ikeri as saying that users are required to register online before using the platform.

“Once a user registers and downloads the app into his/her handset or computer, all registered users and services are available to that person.

“When a person registers, he or she gets a dashboard displaying everything the person needs, and from that dashboard, the user can advertise by displaying his/her products, services, prices, email, social media handles, and contact details. The user can change the displayed products and services on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis, as he/she pleases.

“When a user receives an inquiry, it will display on the dashboard like an email (inbox).

“To start using E.F. Contact, simply go to Google play store and download our app or visit www.efcontact.com to register and you are ready to start receiving customers. Our app is coming out soon”, he stated.

E.F. Network Limited is a multi-national conglomerate and global player in the technology space for over two decades. Since the company birthed in Nigeria in 1995, it has consistently deployed different technological products and services, while changing the way Nigerians approach technology. The company has now launched the E.F. Contact (efcontact), which would revolutionize the way Nigerians buy, sell and search for services and products.

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